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I am a programmer and game developer with over 15 years of experience, and am currently consulting to the game development, tools, and graphics industries.
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This is a pretty basic web site, which I use primarily to share photos and videos with friends and family.

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Why the name? It's a long story.

A Map of Food in Toronto

With Lightroom 3, I've found it easier to upload images to picasa and video to youtube - here are some recent uploads

July 18th, we baptised August in a Post-Byzantine Church in Kastoria: I captured some images and video before, during, and after.
August Schelter, aged 2 and 3 months The Boys in Summer 2010 (with more to come)

August Schelter was born on March 27th, 2010, at 0622 in the morning. He had to be pulled into the world, but seems very happy to be here now. Some pics from his first and second weeks with us. I'll post video once I figure out how. August Schelter
Success! Some videos, hosted at YouTube:

Anna and I were married November 15

Goldie and Chavez

Greece Summer 09

London Summer 08

London Zoo 08

Greece Fall 08

switching back to film?

Rachael and Debbie Get Married

June 28-29

Sarah's Shower

PHDC Friends

Anna's family in Greece

Sailing in the BVI

London in October, November

Eric and Heather

Cottage life

My Coffee Tree

Sailing in the Bahamas

Diving In Tobermory

Huckin' Fappy


cottage photos

Stu's wine party

My new office in the distillery district

New Year's in Playa del Carmen

I spent November in East Africa

My trip produced about 1800 photos, I've only begun to sort through them here.

My Friend Kitty's Party

Christmas Lights in Toronto

My Ducati Monster 620 Dark

Winter Sucks!

My Other Monster


A few images, taken with my Pentax *istDS

and 18-55mm kit lens unless otherwise specified.

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